Univision and Fusion’s expectation for 2016


Ramos has spoken highly of Fusion’s potential, telling CNN’s Brian Stelter in September that the media company was “a bridge to the future.”

“In 2016, no one is going to be able to make it to the White House without Fusion or Univision,” Ramos said last week, speaking to the networks´ reach to Latino audiences.

In the Time 100 piece about Ramos, the anchor received glowing words from fellow journalist Christiane Amanpour of CNN.

“He says he asks every question as if it’s his last, determined to get an answer or go down trying,” Amanpour wrote. “He knows he has a voice and is not afraid to use it.”

Ramos is considered by many in the media landscape to be one of the most influential journalists heading into the 2016 presidential election.

Univision and Fusion have worked hard to promote Ramos, and his inclusion in the Time 100 is a boost for both networks.

“With another presidential election coming up, if anyone can move this needle, Jorge Ramos can—and he must,” Amanpour added.

Netflix Filming Its First-Ever Spanish-Language Series


Netflix will debut its first Spanish-language original series next year, Variety reports. The 13-episode series from Alazraki Entertainment will be a comedy by director Gaz Alazraki, featuring the same team from the Mexican hit movie, We Are the Nobles. The show will be based on a family feud among heirs of a Mexican soccer club and will be filmed entirely in Mexico.

GolTV Goes to Portugal


FocusOn Sports


GolTV, the bilingual soccer network, has secured broadcast rights to all home matches of Benfica, current league champions of Portugal’s top Primeira Liga.  GolTV also has signed a new deal to broadcast Everton TV, featuring matches of the English Premier League.

In the two-year Benfica agreement, GolTV will broadcast matches played at Estadio da Luz stadium in Lisbon, Portugal. With the addition of Benfica to the GolTV schedule, the network will now be broadcasting matches from four of the top ten countries in the FIFA rankings (Portugal, Brazil, Germany and Uruguay).

GolTV’s new Everton TV contract features a three-hour programming time-block that includes a pre-game segment, a match featuring Everton FC, one of the English Premier League’s top-ranking teams, and a post-game show.  Based in Liverpool,  Everton FC holds the EPL record of 110 seasons in the first division, and has earned nine Champions Leagues titles.

Both Benfica and Everton TV properties will be part of GolTV regularly scheduled matches.

The Changing American Family


By Alejandro Martinez, Dieste’s Market Intelligence Strategist

From a demographic perspective, families today are more ethnically, racially, religiously and ideologically diverse than ever before. Compared to the typical family of the ‘60s, marriage is at an all-time low as fewer women are becoming mothers. But interracial marriages, one-parent homes, same-sex marriages and out-of-wedlock births are at an all-time high, and the number of women who are the sole or primary breadwinner in the home has nearly quadrupled to 40%.

Cultural shifts and economic circumstances are at the center of these changes. Today, couples perceive marriage and parental roles differently than they did in the ‘60s. Likewise, financial strains seem to have a huge toll on families as we see divorce rates go down for the middle class and partnership turnovers go up among the poor.

While the “traditional” family we see on most TV ads may not be representative anymore, family values and aspirations are still present. It’s just the “packaging” that has changed, and most likely will continue to change. Think more “Modern Family” and less “Leave It to Beaver.” Marketers need to understand the role of the consumer in light of this new, evolving family dynamic if they wish to do a better job connecting with them.

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