Hispanic Market Works

HispanicMarketWorks.Org is an interactive publication and website launched by Hispanic Market Weekly, the oldest and most respected source dealing with the Art of Reaching Hispanics.

HMW Publication

Miami, Florida, USA downtown nightt aerial cityscape at night.Since 1997, Hispanic Market Weekly has been the preferred information and insights source for all practitioners in the Art of Reaching U.S. Hispanics.

Hispanic Market Works inherits HMWeekly’s entire readership and all its resources. But it offers a more dynamic content that includes native contributions from our readers, and opinions from other experts in our industry.

Our members are mainly executives in the marketing, advertising and communications industries with a strong presence of brands and services. They are the motor of our industry: decision-makers and influencers that guide our market’s behavior.

No other source has Hispanic Market Work’s unparalleled experience and the power of its members to offer in-depth coverage of the insights and trends that influence the U.S. Latino market.

HMWorks offers members the opportunity to interact with their peers on a mutually leveled playing field that allows all of us to benefit from our shared knowledge and experiences.

Our Goal

Our mission is to give HMWorks members access to insights, analysis, trends and research that will enrich their knowledge and enlighten their understanding. We believe the interaction with their peers will fortify their instincts and feelings to make the right decisions as they face the challenges of a constantly changing marketing landscape.



Our members receive a Monday morning newsletter in WORD and PDF formats During the week, they also receive special emails with written and video material. We pay special attention to Breaking News when it affects the way Hispanics are reached.

Social Media & Blogs

During the week, social media posts are sent out to our print and digital partners. A constant flow of content-related blogs from our readers and appointed contributors is offered to our members. Our appointed contributors are Hispanic marketing experts who prefer Hispanic Market Works as the conduit for their opinions.


We publish and update the following directories;

  • Agency Directory by Specialty, Hispanic and Total Market
  • Market Snapshots
  • Media Guide
  • Cerebro Webinars 


Our advertising partners are given the opportunity to publish ads in a variety of formats in our email messages and in our website, www.hispanicmarketworks.org. These partners can also sponsor certain sections of our content and participate in our webinars and conferences as we develop them.

Hispanic Market Works offers the most effective way to target decision makers who need your services. Our members pay $99 per year to receive our publication and participate in our interactive conversation. So you can be sure they are paying attention to your message.

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Inform Industry Leaders
  • Launch New Products or Services
  • Promote Your Event
  • Generate Qualified Leads


Unrestricted access to all our content and resources can be obtained by yearly membership in two categories: Individual and Site Licenses.

-Individual memberships are valued at $99 per year.
-Site Licenses allow professionals in one media company, brand, service, or advertising agency to join HMWorks.Org at even lower rates.

For information on membership, advertising and sponsorships
please contact Arturo Villar at (305) 785-2784 or