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Hispanic Market Works

is the digital section of an expanded media effort to improve the image of Latinos in the U.S.
Its methodology is to tell the Latino story in its full reality, emphasizing what is good for our entire society and how Latinos can make more valuable contributions to our country.

Since 1997, Latino Brands has been the preferred news and insights source for the U.S. Hispanic market media, marketing, advertising and communications industry. We deliver the news, analysis and insights you need to successfully tap the growing, lucrative Hispanic market. Its compelling, unique content and resource tools give you the highest return on your subscription investment. Simply put, no other digital news and insights platform knows the Hispanic market like Hispanic Market Weekly. Subscribe today to begin enjoying the many membership features we have to offer.

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Under Staff

Publisher, Arturo Villar
PDF Editor, Liz Vidal
Social Media Director, Betty Fuentes
Operations Director, Beatriz Cruz