Why This Guide Was Created

It is very common knowledge that a proper attention to fitness improves athletic ability in surfing. This is written all over the surf media outlets indicating how you can improve your surfing by following a few steps. Most surfers look at that and say, “Great! I will do that and become a better surfer”. Unfortunately that lasts for a week or two and plateau sets in to leave you with little improvement in your fitness and no noticeable change in surfing endurance or strength. This is because gains in athletic ability don’t come from a few simple exercises or steps, they come from a properly periodized training program, similar to that of a world class athlete. It is time we start treating surfing like other major sports which benefit from having “REAL” training programs that last months, not days. Axial FST utilizes proven athletic training routines to fit the needs of a beginner to a professional surfer.

Just as much as this program is geared towards making you a better surfer, it also addresses fitness goals including reducing body fat, gaining muscle, reducing joint pain and risk for injury, as well as gaining flexibility, strength and power. Every surfer can benefit from this type of training regardless of the shape you are currently in.

In conjunction with the below training techniques, a complete nutritional guide makes this program the complete package to generating the healthiest body including optimized recovery from every workout or surf session. Note: Your favorite post surf burrito might not be the best recovery meal, even though the sluggish contentment may be saying otherwise.

Characteristics unique to optimizing your surfing and health addressed in Axial FST’s 12 Week Training Program include:

Myofascial Compression



Postural Positioning

Core Training

Joint Stability

Surf Specific Exercises

Endurance Training

Hypertrophy Training

Maximal Strength Training

Maximal Power Training

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